Home-style to gourmet dining, and everything in-between.

Many of our most unique mountain flavors come straight from the forests and farmlands. Influence from other cultures, plus our innovative, nationally acclaimed chefs have refined our Appalachian palate, creates a diverse and delicious foodscape.

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Our farming heritage is part of what makes our cuisine so standout. Take some of our Appalachian freshness home to your own table (perfect for crafting some mountain recipes of your own!) Alongside the crisp vegetables and ripe produce at the Farmer’s Markets, you can find other homegrown delicacies and ingredients, like jams, jellies, honey or maple syrup, and even artisan crafts. 

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Handcrafted taste goes beyond the plate. Visit our small-batch brewers, vintners and distillers to learn how passionately they craft their drinks. The old-fashioned moonshine traditions have been passed down through generations, and some of our spirits are still spiked with a hint of old-time tastes, like buckwheat and dandelion. But our artisans have also mastered the iconic fine wine styles of Europe, and helped redefine the boundaries of craft microbrews.

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We have plenty of foods so great, we gave them their own festivals:  The Feast of the Ramson, the Golden Delicious Festival, the Buckwheat Festival, just to name a few. And some of our gatherings are even quirkier: the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, or the cheeky Roadkill Cookoff. A few times a year, we go big all across the state, like during West Virginia Restaurant Week and West Virginia Craft Beer Week.



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