• What’s the password? West Virginia speakeasies uncovered

    Speakeasies harken back to the Prohibition era, when alcohol sales were illegal in the United States. People gathered in secret — in a basement or some other out-of-the-way location — to drink and socialize. These secret meetings came to be known as speakeasies because one must speak easy (quietly) about these places so as... Read More

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  • The reason why landlocked WV has a lighthouse

    Usually lighthouses are reserved for helping boats navigate dangerous waters, avoid reefs or find entries to harbors. But, even without access to an ocean, West Virginia is home to one lighthouse. The lighthouse stands 104 feet tall with a top elevation of 2,164 feet above sea level. The half-inch thick steel tower weighs 77,000... Read More

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  • 3 chefs: the best mountain meal I ever had

    West Virginia’s best restaurants keep things natural — no shortcuts or trickery, just honest flavor. The best recipes let fresh, quality ingredients speak for themselves. Just ask our chefs and restaurateurs! Their insights reveal why Mountain State cuisine keeps visitors coming back for second helpings. Secret Sandwich Society Soggy wraps, pasty white bread, greasy... Read More

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