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April 24, 2017

Go ahead, mix business and play with blissful mountain ‘bleisure’ travel

Swanky bar at Stonewall Resort, WV

Welcome to wild, wonderful Wi-Fi. Restore your spirit and keep tabs on the office while you travel. It’s possible to have both in West Virginia! Luxury hotels Sometimes, the most relaxing vacations are the ones that don’t involve much activity. Lounge around with a smooth cappuccino, spread out on a plush oversized bed and... Read More

April 21, 2017

Town guide: Morgantown

Two students riding the PRT in Morgantown, WV

Whether you bleed gold and blue, love munchin’ on some local eats or are looking for a place to spend some time outdoors, take the country roads to Morgantown! It has something everyone will enjoy. Young and old alike flock there for its vibrant culture and nightlife — enhanced by the bright and creative... Read More

April 19, 2017

You, too, can soak in George Washington’s old tub!

George Washington's bath tub, WV

George Washington was a regular visitor to Berkeley Springs from the age of 16, where he first visited as a land surveyor, and returned many times after that with his family. He even bought property there. Today, you can sit in the first president’s recreated tub in Berkeley Springs State Park or simply take... Read More

April 17, 2017

These jewelers are crafting unique designs from nature

Pretty Pickle flower necklaces, WV

Wear a piece of West Virginia! The wild Mountain State abounds with natural riches: regal cliffs, deep hardwood forests, and hushed meadows. It’s so inspiring, artists turn to the wilderness for their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Take a look at these studios: Wildscape Jewelry Though it seems unlikely, caddisfly cases make remarkable jewelry. As... Read More

April 14, 2017

The 1 “must try” at 7 mountain resorts

Swimmer on top of inflatable tower at Wonderland Water Park, WV

There’s a ton of fun to be had at West Virginia resorts. So much, in fact, that you might wonder where to start. Check out these “must-try” activities: 1. Freshwater swimming For hundreds of years, travelers have been drawn to the warm spring waters of Capon Springs, where Capon Springs and Farms resort is... Read More

April 12, 2017

Could you solve the challenges to escape these 6 puzzle rooms?

Three teenage girls at Xscape Room, WV

Immerse yourself in a live-action mystery! West Virginia’s intense “escape rooms” test your ability to solve puzzles under pressure. Beat the clock as you solve spy stories, adventure dramas and creepy tales. Learning the craft Escape rooms are simple in concept, even if solving one isn’t. Interactive games have stories that vary from company... Read More

April 10, 2017

4 places you don’t have to be a high roller to play big

A young couple throwing dice at Hollwood Casino, WV

Play big without going broke in West Virginia. Here’s where to get the high-roller experience without having to break out the high-rolling bucks (unless you want to!) 1. Mountaineer Casino Offering so much more than just a casino, Mountaineer is an experience. There are many different ways to win, including promotions like slot multipliers,... Read More

April 6, 2017

Twin Falls Resort State Park – Hiking

A couple with a dog hiking through woods at Twin Falls State Park, WV

Twin Falls Resort State Park has almost 28 miles of rugged, scenic trails for hikers of all levels. Tips Difficulty: 3 Most of the trails are tricky and technical—very rocky and full of roots, oftentimes with long, steady ascents, or steep, quick descents. Time to Complete: 1 Hour Trails range from .25 mile to... Read More

April 3, 2017

7 wildly quirky finds for urban explorers

Couple walking through nighttime street in Charleston, WV

Sometimes, surprises hide in plain sight. It’s always fun to turn a corner and discover an intriguing passageway or artwork. Fortunately, West Virginia abounds with hide-and-seek delights — you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Here are a few tips to get you started: 1. Hidden steps of Harpers Ferry This picturesque riverside... Read More

March 31, 2017

Make every moment count on these 48-hour family escapes

Mother, son, and daughter sitting on mountaintop in West Virginia

Wild, enchanting backcountry is yours for the weekend. West Virginia’s immersive adventure packages get everybody back to nature. Get ready to swap your smartphone for ropes, saddles, and paddles! Get climbing Spend the weekend on Seneca Rocks, West Virginia’s distinctive landmark and “true peak.” From a distance, the jagged quartzite ridge resembles a dragon’s... Read More

March 29, 2017

A golden-era getaway

The Durbin Rocket locomotive, Elkins, WV

Want to step back in time to a golden age of steam-driven trains, Victorian inns, variety shows and Appalachian string music? Elkins is just the place for all that and more. West Virginia has no shortage of unique towns tucked away in the mountains, with trails, rivers, great restaurants, and many other fun things... Read More

March 27, 2017

This will definitely convince you to take a family spring break in the mountains

Young girl eats a cupcake with white frosting, WV

Are you taking the family on a spring break trip this year? Why not explore the best of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia in 2017? Lots of families get away for a long weekend (or more) in the spring, especially for holidays like Easter or during kids’ breaks from school. If you’re looking to get... Read More

March 25, 2017

Town Guide: Point Pleasant

Mothman Statue, Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Situated at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers, Point Pleasant has long been an important transportation hub, dating back to colonial times. Many of us know of Point Pleasant as the home of the Mothman — an eerie mythical monster, but there’s much more to this city than just spooky urban legends.... Read More

March 24, 2017

Take a driving tour of this fierce, famous family feud

Hatfield Cemetery, WV

A stolen pig. Ill-fated lovers. Fights and killings. It’s the stuff of legend, but it’s all true. Hop on an ATV and relive the famous Hatfields and McCoys feud as you explore the world’s longest off-road trail network. You’ll drive exactly where the 2 families battled it out across the Kentucky-West Virginia border! Hatfield and... Read More

March 20, 2017

4 WV podcasters you should be listening to

Guest speaker at a "Why Listen" event by Mountain Stage, WV

Here are some stellar podcasts you might be surprised are either produced in West Virginia or by West Virginia natives: 1. Inside Appalachia Stories hidden between the mountains and rivers of West Virginia and beyond are unearthed in this sometimes quirky series, hosted by West Virginia native Jessica Lilly. Inside Appalachia covers topics from... Read More

March 17, 2017

It’s the best time of year to visit “USA’s Ireland”

Irish road bowling in Ireland, WV

This charming little community in the heart of West Virginia pays tribute to its Emerald Isle namesake every spring. But Ireland’s roots run deeper than just the Irish Spring Festival. Ireland residents Denton and Sandy King gave a presentation about their home turf at the Celtic Calling festival in Charleston recently. “Ireland was named... Read More

March 15, 2017

West Virginia’s greatest sports legends

Legendary basketball player Jerry West posing in front of his statue in Charleston, WV

When it comes to sports, the Mountain State leads the pack. Take a look: our athletes and coaches are some of the most recognized basketball and football figures in America! See if you recognize these sports heroes: Jerry West | Basketball As a child, this Cheylan native didn’t have much; his father worked in... Read More

March 15, 2017

Profile: SustainU

Young men and women wearing blue, white, and red shirts by SustainU, WV

Sustainability, West Virginia style SustainU is blazing an exciting new direction for the West Virginia economy, taking our centuries of pride to new, exciting 21st century directions. The small Morgantown company is doing its part to be a diverse and sustainable company right here in the Mountain State— all with T-shirts. But it wasn’t an... Read More

March 13, 2017

9 stunning photos that capture winter in West Virginia

Snowy field and stream in Canaan Valley, WV

The Mountain State in winter is a sight to behold. Every contour and fold stands in sharp relief, revealing details our eyes take for granted. Take a second look and enjoy: 1. A golden pathway at Blackwater Falls 2. Tubing at Winterplace 3. A Harpers Ferry winter ... Read More

March 11, 2017

6 unique historic districts in West Virginia

Civil War soldiers in Harpers Ferry, WV

The story of West Virginia’s very birth is one for the (history) books! But since our inception in 1863, we’ve built a bunch more stories worth telling. From booming railroad towns to “Eleanor’s Little Village,” our tiny mountain oases are brimming with history. 1. Stroll into a much swankier past The storybook town of... Read More

March 10, 2017

The best view of this iconic bridge is 800ft+ up on the catwalk

Looking down into the New River Gorge on a Bridge Walk, WV

What is more breathtaking than the New River Gorge? Well, walking across it, of course! In 2009, Bridge Walk was created from a collaboration with the National Park Service, West Virginia Division of Highways, and the partners that make up Bridge Walk, LLC. Using the existing catwalk underneath the New River Gorge Bridge, the... Read More

March 9, 2017

Relics and inspirations from WV’s richest industry

Miner statues at Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, WV

Since Victorian times, coal has made history in West Virginia. That legacy continues today with subterranean tours, eccentric buildings, and unique pizzas. Who knew this glittery black rock was so talented? Hands-on history These aren’t your normal tours. Your introduction starts with the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. Until 1953, this was an active site.... Read More

March 9, 2017

Spring break deal roundup

Couple walking down colonial street in Harpers Ferry, WV

Whether you’re a college student, a teacher, or a family with young kids, you’re going to want to take advantage of spring break or a long weekend to rest up and have some fun. These Wild, Wonderful West Virginia resorts are offering some great deals and lodging packages this spring. Plan an adventure …... Read More

March 8, 2017

7 Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Women

Mary Lou Retton

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at some Wild, Wonderful West Virginia women who helped shape the history and personality of the Mountain State. 1. Mary Lou Retton 16-year-old gymnast Mary Lou Retton became “America’s Sweetheart” at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, nabbing 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals... Read More

March 6, 2017

Laugh, cry, and be awed at these 5 WV film festivals

Movie theater seats

If you think film festivals are just for watching stuffy foreign art pieces in far-off places like Cannes or Sundance, think again. Our own Mountain State has a huge variety of festivals ranging from rural to urban, casual to formal, and small to big, all over the state. Whatever your taste in films and... Read More

March 4, 2017

Win a Petsie plushie of your pet!

Young woman getting licked in face by white dog with blue eyes, West Virginia

Share your Fido photos to win a custom plushie of your pet! If you and your furry friend are Mountain State fans, share the love. Enter those snapshots of Rover’s West Virginia escapades into the weekly #WestFURginia photo contest. Petsie prizes If you win the weekly contest, a team of artists will take your photo... Read More

March 2, 2017

Spring Break on a ramen noodle budget

baked beans, burgers, and fried green tomatoes at Atomic Grill

We know how it is– you’re a student on a budget and you’ve already spent way too much money on books, tuition and food. But wait– spring break is coming up? You’ve got to get away to somewhere cool! The Mountain State has plenty of coolness to offer for students on a budget. West... Read More

February 27, 2017

5 really (really) unconventional WV activities

Kneeling statues wrapped in gold cloth at Palace of Gold, WV

So you think you’ve tried everything the Mountain State has to offer? Check out these unconventional activities that are uniquely West Virginian. Fly (upside down!) over the New River Gorge Feeling brave? Take a stunt flight in an authentic WWII Stearman biplane! Wild Blue Adventure Company pilot Christian Kappler guides passengers through barrel rolls... Read More

February 25, 2017

Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan?

Spartan Race comes to West Virginia on August 26-27, 2017 at the Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve. The obstacle race attracts athletes of all ages and abilities who share a common passion: love of a challenge. So you’ve signed up for your first Spartan – or you’re contemplating signing up. What should you expect?... Read More

February 24, 2017

Take the little ones by the hand at these 6 ice skating rinks

Little girl and boy skating outdoors at Canaan Resort State Park, WV

Spin and glide in the Mountain State! There’s something about an open rink that frees your soul. Skate indoors or outside, all year or just during winter — and give your kids a gold-medal moment. Here’s where you and your family can play: 1. Morgantown Ice Arena At 185 feet by 85 feet, this... Read More

February 23, 2017

7 adventures the grandkids will never forget

Little girl brushes a stuffed cat at the Our Town vet center, Clay Center, WV

What better way to spend time with the grandkids than to relive fond memories from your own childhood? These fun activities will entertain all ages. 1. Take a scenic train ride In the early 20th century, the mighty steam locomotives of Cass Scenic Railroad were used to haul lumber down to the mill in Cass.... Read More

February 22, 2017

These 21 no-hassle vacation ideas are a travel game-changer

Lady receiving a neck massage at Oglebay Resort, WV

Vacation shouldn’t be work, right? That’s our Mountain State mantra. West Virginia is real easygoing, so we bring everything together into one handy bundle. Check out some of our best trips all packaged up, so there’s no planning needed and no hassle. History 1. “The Voyage Package” | North Bend State Park May-Oct Romance…... Read More

February 20, 2017

The sweetest day in the mountains— No, it’s not Valentine’s Day

Jugs of Pure West Virginia maple syrup

Hint: every pancake should have this topping! Mountain State Maple Day showcases the sweetest industry in West Virginia: maple syrup! Get ready for flapjacks, delicious samples, and demonstrations! Mountains of maples If you’re like most people, you probably associate syrup with Vermont. But did you know that more untapped maple trees grow in West... Read More

February 17, 2017

Best winter weekends

A snowboarder plays with a dog at Timberline, WV

Rain or shine, hot or cold, there’s always something exciting to do in the Mountain State. Discover real West Virginia and sneak away for a winter weekend of R&R! Snowy fun on the slopes For a weekend of thrills and chills, look no further than WV’s ski resorts. Hit the slopes or take a... Read More

February 15, 2017

5 one-day adventures in WV

Surging rapids at Gauley River, WV

Almost everyone I talk to about Project: Time Off and why they are not using all their well-deserved vacation days typically has the same answer: “I just can’t take that much time off.” What if we told you it only takes the better part of a day to conquer some of Wild, Wonderful West... Read More

February 13, 2017

8 memorable mountain Valentine’s Day dates for every budget

Devil's Food Cake slice with pink icing, sprinkles, and strawberries. The French Goat, WV

Valentine’s Day is your official excuse to woo. From affordable treats to glamorous outings, there’s something dazzling for your West Virginia date. Thrifty dates The simplest pleasures can be magical, especially because they feel spontaneous and unforced. You don’t need to spend buckets of money on little gestures and quiet moments, either. Here’s where... Read More

February 13, 2017

You don’t need a date to do these anti-Valentine’s activities

Massage bed with lily flower at the Salt Cave and Spa, WV

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day, huh? Just because you don’t have a sweetheart on this holiday doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in your own way. Pamper yourself Bask in the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps at The Salt Cave and Spa, which features services that center on the healing properties of this... Read More

February 12, 2017

Nontraditional getaways for you and your sweetheart

Couple hiking at Dolly Sods, WV

Still want to plan time with your sweetheart but aren’t exactly a dinner ’n’ a dozen roses type of couple? We’ve got some ideas for you to have a memorable and unique date in the Mountain State. Scuba Dive, WV style… Imagine floating through crystal-clear water, looking for signs of a forgotten underwater town …... Read More

February 11, 2017

Ski trip? Head to the Mountain State (for obvious reasons)

Two young girls practicing snowplow stops in West Virginia

As talk of Arctic blasts, winter storm systems, and Old Farmers Almanac forecasts ramps up, there’s just one thing on a lot of folks’ minds here: SKIING! For most locals here, the amazing skiing of the Mountain State really needs no introduction or justification. We already know that we have the flat-out best ski... Read More

February 10, 2017

How many of WV’s 101 unique places to dine have you tried?

A cake with fresh berries and mint sprig from West Virginia

The winners of 2017’s “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia” are up! This year was the first time that we’ve had YOU, the public, vote on your favorite eateries around the Mountain State. On this list you’ll find venerated favorites, unique niche places, and probably more than a few that you’ve never... Read More

February 9, 2017

Think you know WV? Bet you didn’t know these 9 wild facts!

Mortar Man sculpture, squeezed between two buildings in Charleston, West Virginia

1. What is the name of the tiny (as 2×4 inch tiny!) sculpture that hangs out on a building in downtown Charleston? Mortar Man – Sometime when you’re strolling Capitol Street, stop at 108 and look up about 12 feet. He’s there – peeking out from the bricks between the first and second stories. P. Joseph Mullins... Read More

February 7, 2017

Who says adults can’t have snow days? 5 winter escapes

Skier in yellow coat skis over blue, snowy slopes at Winterplace, WV

The Mountain State is one of the mid-Atlantic region’s hotspots for cold-weather fun. Whether you want to stay in the frigid elements all day or be cozy indoors, West Virginia is sure to have a winter escape just for you. Here are some of the best. 1. Ski vacations A multi-day stay at one... Read More

February 4, 2017

Driving I-79? Stop here.

A curving country road winds past a pale cliff and forest in West Virginia

I-79 truly gives travelers a little taste of about everything that makes West Virginia great: mountains, rivers, cities, historical sites, restaurants and more. Whether you’re exploring or just passing through, here are some of the best stops to consider on your next trip up (or down) I-79: 1. Coonskin Park Charleston Just about 10... Read More

February 2, 2017

Where to learn to ski in the Mountain State

Two young girls learning to ski in West Virginia

So, you want to learn how to ski. But where? What are some of the best courses to learn on? West Virginia is renowned for its skiing. But if you’re just starting out, the choices can be overwhelming. Never fear — we have a whole list of places with the best conditions and instructors.... Read More

February 2, 2017

January Insta-greats

Snow-covered forest and trail, West Virginia

2017 is off to a great start in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! Here are some of our favorite moments you shared this month with #GoToWV: Lewisburg’s Shanghai Parade is a treasured New Year tradition! All decked out for New Year's Day #whimsical #everyonelovesaparade #shanghaiparade #newyear #Lewisburgwv #gotowv #traveling219 A photo posted by Toby (@wvfiddlercrab)... Read More

February 2, 2017

5 best sled hills in all of WV!

Young woman on orange sled going downhill at Blackwater Falls State Park, WV

The Mountain State has some of the fastest slopes around. Grab your sled and head to the hills for an afternoon of fun. Here’s where to spend that snow day: 1. West Virginia University Ask any student in Morgantown where they like to sled, and they’ll probably say the same thing: Law School Hill.... Read More

February 2, 2017

Winter’s most full-throttle adventure

RZR driving through snow along ridge at sunset, Snowshoe Mountain, WV

Plunge through the snowy outback in a RZR! Snowshoe Mountain Resort’s 11,000 acres are some of the most pristine in West Virginia. Saddle up for an invigorating wilderness tour, glamorous evening meal, or overnight retreat— all by RZR. Meet your ride When it comes to off-road horsepower, the Polaris RZR has muscle to spare.... Read More

January 31, 2017

Have YOU scheduled your time off this year?

A female photographer takes picture of lake in West Virginia

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia celebrates National Plan for Vacation Day I work in one of the greatest industries on the planet— travel— but I am a carpenter whose house is falling down (and no, I don’t use a nail gun at my job!). You see, all day I market my beloved home state of Wild,... Read More

January 26, 2017

7 fun ways to dig into your Appalachian roots

kids having fun at the barn

“Mountain folk” have their own way of doing things. Old-time Appalachian practices are still alive and well in the hills and hollows of West Virginia. If you want to learn more about well-rooted mountain traditions and ways of life, here are some great places to start! 1. West Virginia Quilt Festival Quilting is... Read More

January 25, 2017

7 things you did as a kid in WV that you’ve gotta share with yours

mountain traditions to share with your family. A young child visits Blackwater Falls from platform, WV

The joys of growing up in the Mountain State are simple and sweet. Share the fond memories of your mountain childhood with your own kids: fireflies in fields, flashlight tag at the campground and adrenaline-inducing aerial views. Here are 7 great home-grown alternatives to TV-show binges and video game benders: 1. Visit West Virginia’s... Read More

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