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Stories from real WV folks
February 17, 2017

Best Winter Weekends

A snowboarder plays with a dog at Timberline, WV

Rain or shine, hot or cold, there’s always something exciting to do in the Mountain State. Discover real West Virginia and sneak away for a winter weekend of R&R! Snowy fun on the slopes For a weekend of thrills and chills, look no further than WV’s ski resorts. Hit the slopes or take a... Read More

February 15, 2017

5 one-day adventures in WV

Surging rapids at Gauley River, WV

Almost everyone I talk to about Project: Time Off and why they are not using all their well-deserved vacation days typically has the same answer: “I just can’t take that much time off.” What if we told you it only takes the better part of a day to conquer some of Wild, Wonderful West... Read More

February 13, 2017

8 memorable mountain Valentine’s Day dates for every budget

Devil's Food Cake slice with pink icing, sprinkles, and strawberries. The French Goat, WV

Valentine’s Day is your official excuse to woo. From affordable treats to glamorous outings, there’s something dazzling for your West Virginia date. Thrifty dates The simplest pleasures can be magical, especially because they feel spontaneous and unforced. You don’t need to spend buckets of money on little gestures and quiet moments, either. Here’s where... Read More

February 13, 2017

You don’t need a date to do these anti-Valentine’s activities

Massage bed with lily flower at the Salt Cave and Spa, WV

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day, huh? Just because you don’t have a sweetheart on this holiday doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in your own way. Pamper yourself Bask in the warm glow of Himalayan salt lamps at The Salt Cave and Spa, which features services that center on the healing properties of this... Read More

February 12, 2017

Nontraditional getaways for you and your sweetheart

Couple hiking at Dolly Sods, WV

Still want to plan time with your sweetheart but aren’t exactly a dinner ’n’ a dozen roses type of couple? We’ve got some ideas for you to have a memorable and unique date in the Mountain State. Scuba Dive, WV style… Imagine floating through crystal-clear water, looking for signs of a forgotten underwater town …... Read More

February 10, 2017

How many of WV’s 101 unique places to dine have you tried?

A cake with fresh berries and mint sprig from West Virginia

The winners of 2017’s “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia” are up! This year was the first time that we’ve had YOU, the public, vote on your favorite eateries around the Mountain State. On this list you’ll find venerated favorites, unique niche places, and probably more than a few that you’ve never... Read More

February 9, 2017

Think you know WV? Bet you didn’t know these 9 wild facts!

Mortar Man sculpture, squeezed between two buildings in Charleston, West Virginia

1. What is the name of the tiny (as 2×4 inch tiny!) sculpture that hangs out on a building in downtown Charleston? Mortar Man – Sometime when you’re strolling Capitol Street, stop at 108 and look up about 12 feet. He’s there – peeking out from the bricks between the first and second stories. P. Joseph Mullins... Read More

February 4, 2017

Driving I-79? Stop here.

A curving country road winds past a pale cliff and forest in West Virginia

I-79 truly gives travelers a little taste of about everything that makes West Virginia great: mountains, rivers, cities, historical sites, restaurants and more. Whether you’re exploring or just passing through, here are some of the best stops to consider on your next trip up (or down) I-79: 1. Coonskin Park Charleston Just about 10... Read More

February 2, 2017

January Insta-greats

Snow-covered forest and trail, West Virginia

2017 is off to a great start in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! Here are some of our favorite moments you shared this month with #GoToWV: Lewisburg’s Shanghai Parade is a treasured New Year tradition! All decked out for New Year's Day #whimsical #everyonelovesaparade #shanghaiparade #newyear #Lewisburgwv #gotowv #traveling219 A photo posted by Toby (@wvfiddlercrab)... Read More

January 31, 2017

Have YOU scheduled your time off this year?

A female photographer takes picture of lake in West Virginia

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia celebrates National Plan for Vacation Day I work in one of the greatest industries on the planet— travel— but I am a carpenter whose house is falling down (and no, I don’t use a nail gun at my job!). You see, all day I market my beloved home state of Wild,... Read More

January 26, 2017

7 fun ways to dig into your Appalachian roots

kids having fun at the barn

“Mountain folk” have their own way of doing things. Old-time Appalachian practices are still alive and well in the hills and hollows of West Virginia. If you want to learn more about well-rooted mountain traditions and ways of life, here are some great places to start! 1. West Virginia Quilt Festival Quilting is... Read More

January 25, 2017

7 things you did as a kid in WV that you’ve gotta share with yours

mountain traditions to share with your family. A young child visits Blackwater Falls from platform, WV

The joys of growing up in the Mountain State are simple and sweet. Share the fond memories of your mountain childhood with your own kids: fireflies in fields, flashlight tag at the campground and adrenaline-inducing aerial views. Here are 7 great home-grown alternatives to TV-show binges and video game benders: 1. Visit West Virginia’s... Read More

January 23, 2017

7 hikes that are even better in winter

Couple walking in snowy forest with herding dog, West Virginia

You might not think of winter as a prime hiking season in the Mountain State, but some of these trails are even more majestic in the winter. Seeing the rhododendrons and beech trees of the Appalachian forests in a winter wonderland is a completely unique experience. Some of our famous waterfalls even freeze up... Read More

January 21, 2017

These WV destinations get named to best lists All. The. Time.

Award-winning destinations in West Virginia

West Virginia stacks up national and international recognition for its small-town charm, wild beauty and adventure. But there are a few spots in these mountains that get a LOT of that attention. Want to be a real seasoned West Virginia traveler? Get started with these “best of the best of” destinations! 1. Endless Wall Trail... Read More

January 19, 2017

Snow doesn’t stop the farm-grown freshness here!

A chef picks Granny Smith apples from a crate. Farm-fresh cuisine from West Virginia

It may be the dead of winter, but that doesn’t stop West Virginia farmers. Gather in Charleston and Morgantown for the Winter Blues Farmers Market for locally raised meats, eggs, cheeses, breads, jams, jellies, nuts, honey, maple syrup, fruits, leafy greens, woolen products and more. This premier, producer-only market shows off the bounty of... Read More

January 17, 2017

5 most epic Mountain State ski escapes

It’s no surprise that West Virginia has the best skiing in the region– after all, we are the Mountain State. Ski, snowboard, cross country, tubing, night skiing, beginner to expert— no matter what you’re looking for in a ski resort, West Virginia’s got it. Here are some of the best skiing spots that the... Read More

January 15, 2017

Spoons and other weird Appalachian instruments (and where to hear them)

Old-time and makeshift mountain instruments made from cartons and boxes.

That weird sound you hear in your favorite Appalachian tune? It’s probably weirder than you think! Appalachian music— which includes bluegrass, old-time, folk and more— is one of West Virginia’s most unique features. Its roots go back to early backcountry settlers who brought their passed-down tunes from Ireland, Scotland and England here to the... Read More

January 14, 2017

Do you know the whole story behind WV’s state food?

A sliced pepperoni roll with cheddar

West Virginia’s state food may be simple, but its story sure isn’t. Pepperoni rolls are elegantly simple, but uniquely West Virginian: country roll dough filled with sticks or slices of pepperoni. The treat has deep roots in the coal industry (much like our state itself.) You can trace it back to North-Central West Virginia,... Read More

January 13, 2017

December Insta-greats

Frozen Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

December in the Mountain State was a wild ride, and nothing short of wonderful! You’ve managed to capture and share all kinds of moments, from exhilarating biking trails to quiet reflections at local coffee shops. Christmas at the Capitol Christmas at the Capitol 2016. #cwv #christmas #gotowv #wv A photo posted by danthorn_ (@danthorn_)... Read More

January 12, 2017

Best ski deals in the East!

A family of skiers at Snowshoe going down steep hill with alpine forest in background, West Virginia

Need another reason to hit up  WV’s ski resorts? How about some steep savings for the 2016-2017 season! West Virginia is already affordable compared to other ski destinations, but if you shop smart, you can really get a wild deal! The resorts also offer regular discounts to members of the military and college students, plus a... Read More

January 11, 2017

Stop buying your kids new ski gear every year. There’s a better way.

Ski gear trade-in program for growing kids!

Finally! One of the East Coast’s best ski destinations created a genius program to help you bring your family back to the snow, year after year— affordably! Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to start the kiddos out on the snow, and a great family activity: solitude, more terrain to explore and... Read More

January 10, 2017

2017’s new top dog: the unassuming adventure destination that won “Best of the Blue Ridge”

A snowboarder and skier at Snowshoe Mountain, WV

Our beloved Mountain State earned top honors! The most prestigious prize in “The Best of the Blue Ridge” awards for 2017— Best State for Outdoor Adventure— went to our own Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! We’ve always been the hidden gem of the East. We’ve got world-class whitewater, rock climbing, biking, skiing and more, all... Read More

January 9, 2017

6 best simple ways to spend a snow day

Snowboarding in West Virginia

The Mountain State has the best snow days. We get a few real humdingers of snow spells every winter. And even if you’re not getting snow where you are, you can always escape to our mountain winter wonderland. (The ski resorts have snow cover pretty much all season, since they make their own!) Here... Read More

January 8, 2017

Meet every wanderluster’s globe-trotting hero, the Roaming Gnome, right here in WV!

The Gnome visits the white Palladian mansion at Blennerhassett Island, West Virginia

Travelocity’s famous Roaming Gnome is heading across West Virginia! The Roaming Gnome had so much fun eating and drinking his way through West Virginia in 2016, he’s coming back for more. Join him this month as he tours cultural landmarks, resorts and restaurants! We got the inside scoop on his schedule— but remember, he’s... Read More

January 7, 2017

Score huge winter discounts on these cozy mountain cabins

Parents with two kids next to fireplace in cabin, West Virginia

Most folks rent mountain cabins in the summer— peak season for barbecues, rafting, hiking and warm-weather fun. But the best cabin season is in the winter. Not only is that when you’ll most appreciate the hot tub and roaring fireplace, it’s also when you can score wildly steep discounts. (Yes, that’s right. Even for... Read More

January 6, 2017

You think you know pizza? Not till you try this weird (but delicious) twist

Pizza in WV

Imagine this: A crisp square of pizza comes out of the oven, baked piping hot with a slightly sweet and rich tomato sauce. Then, freshly grated cold provolone cheese is sprinkled on top so that it delicately melts over that oven-baked sauce and crust. That is DiCarlo’s Pizza. The Northern Panhandle specialty has gained... Read More

January 5, 2017

Thrills and chills: 4 unexpected snow-season adventures

unexpected winter adventures in WV

West Virginia’s got mountains, snow, and all that regular winter stuff— but that’s not nearly all. Here are some snowy season adventures we bet you didn’t think about: 1. Rock climbing You might think winter climbing involves all that cold ice and snow like on Mt. Everest, right? Well, not necessarily. Summersville Lake is... Read More

January 4, 2017

How much of your state have you really explored? WV checklist

How well do you know West Virginia? Here’s your ultimate checklist! 1. Head to Philippi to see the state’s oldest and longest covered bridge. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. 2. Satisfy your sweet tooth with hand-crafted truffles from DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates in Martinsburg. The family-owned small business... Read More

January 3, 2017

Adventurous eaters: head around the world in 80 dishes

Fresh crab cakes, exotic sauces , and French fries at Tari's Cafe, West Virginia

West Virginia is a culinary melting pot of international dishes from around the world. Get a taste of several different countries right in the Mountain State: Habanero Mexican Grill This Martinsburg restaurant makes all its items fresh, from scratch every day. Try their soft tacos, which come with chicken, beef, chorizo, tofu, beans or vegetables. The nachos, which... Read More

January 2, 2017

You’ll never want to leave this mountaintop village

Snowshoe Mountain Village

Snowshoe Mountain has some of the best skiing in the entire mid-Atlantic region— but there is way more to do than just ski or snowboard. From kids’ activities to spa relaxation to après-ski revelry, Snowshoe has it all. You could tuck away in this little town for the whole season. Here are a few... Read More

December 30, 2016

Take your sweet tooth WAY back in time at this historic candy shop

This Harpers Ferry candy shop is a museum— with edible exhibits! At True Treats Historic Candy, guilty pleasures are tasty heirlooms. It’s the only sweet shop of its kind in the nation, with historic research to recreate accurate vintage candies from every era. “Just about everybody is surprised when they visit for the first... Read More

December 29, 2016

Art deco entertaining: Add color and charm to your table with this classic-modern trend

One of America’s most iconic and collectible brands of dinnerware comes out of a small town in West Virginia. Even if you don’t know the name “Fiestaware,” you probably recognize the style of these classic plates, mugs and bowls, and you’ve almost certainly eaten off of some in the past. Bold solid colors, concentric... Read More

December 27, 2016

Heating it up on the ice: 7 reasons to catch this hockey team in the rink

WV ice rink

West Virginia’s signature hockey team heats up the ice every season— and you’ll want to catch these goal-blazers on the ice! The Wheeling Nailers ice hockey team is based in Wheeling, and scores of families attend each game to join in the fun and cheer on players to victory! Check out these reasons to... Read More

December 23, 2016

No one knows how this town’s 90-year-old tradition started. But it’s a New Year staple.

Oyster stew in Lenox, West Virginia

The tiny town of Lenox is about 400 miles from the ocean, but somehow, their New Year’s tradition revolves around a seaside staple. For nearly 100 years, this community has been eating oysters together every Jan. 1. Why? Well, no one really knows. We do know this curious feast dates back to 1924, when... Read More

December 22, 2016

5 100% timeless gifts for your fashionable friends

Clothing on racks with fake deer trophies at Wolf Creek Gallery, West Virginia

Still stuck on what to get your most fashion-forward friend? Hit up a local boutique for unique and timeless gifts they could sport in just about any setting. Here’re a few boutiques to find the perfect piece: 1. Harpers Ferry – The Vintage Lady Here, you’ll not only find your favorite West Virginia goods—... Read More

December 20, 2016

Winter warmers: WV’s top drinks for chilly days

Appalachian cider from Hawk Knob Cider and Mead, West Virginia

Seasonal beer, cocktails, wines, spirits & all! Warm up your wild, wonderful winter with some West Virginia wine, spirits and brews! As the snowflakes start to fall, there is nothing better than cozying up with a nice warm drink. Check out these local beverages to warm up with on those chilly days. 1. SweetShine... Read More

December 18, 2016

This has got to be the quirkiest parade in the country

Wooden marching statues in Lewisburg shop, West Virginia

The distance from Lewisburg to Shanghai, China, is about 7,450 miles. No one really knows how, when or why a small town in West Virginia started the annual New Year’s Day Shanghai Parade— but that’s the magic of it. Well, part of the magic, anyway. There are theories. Like, maybe a group of immigrants... Read More

December 16, 2016

This NYE, how about a little something different for your list?

Truly unique things to try in WV

You only live once, so why not make this year your most fulfilling, adventurous ever? Use that resolution list to be footloose and fancy free in Wild,Wonderful West Virginia! From award-winning restaurants to colorful towns to crazy adventures, there’s something fascinating around every corner. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: ... Read More

December 15, 2016

6 eco-friendly gifts your friends will definitely keep

Antique toys and mason jars in West Virginia

Looking for eco-friendly gifts this holiday season? Local West Virginia artisans, farmers, and merchants create locally made, recycled and sustainable gifts that are great for the environment AND unique enough to be treasured for years to come. Here are some great ideas from the Mountain State: 1. Honey Every pantry needs a little honey,... Read More

December 13, 2016

Nowhere goes more over-the-top for Christmas than this mountain retreat

Christmas outdoor lights at The Greenbrier resort, West Virginia

“America’s Resort” takes holidays to the next level with 60 Spectacular Days of Holiday Cheer. Live the holiday high life. The sprawling, elegant grounds of the historically upscale The Greenbrier are covered with lights and merriment, so hop aboard the unique Jeep-drawn trolley or a horse-drawn sleigh for a magical winter ride, past the... Read More

December 12, 2016

5 ways to explore WV’s winter backcountry

Red barn and snowy backcountry in West Virginia

Of course the Mountain State is the place to be for winter slopes— but you can trek those wild winter valleys, too! Vast landscapes, rolling hillsides, dense forests— explore the wildest side of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia winter: #1 Cross-Country Skiing Strap on some cross-country skis and glide through the glades, no ski... Read More

December 11, 2016

You need these unique WV holiday ornaments for your tree

WV-made holiday ornaments

No tree is complete without some West Virginia flair. Wrap that blue garland, top it with a gold star and check out these Mountain State-themed ornaments to complete the look: Custom “Almost Heaven” bulb Morgantown-based company Home Brewed + Co. crafts custom white porcelain ornaments with lettering of your choice. A common pick? The... Read More

December 9, 2016

3 holiday road trips to make gift shopping exciting

Mine the mountains for handcrafted gifts! Only Santa could fly through all of West Virginia, but these road trips hit some of the best stops. Follow along— we’ll show you where to find edible, drinkable and memorable gifts! 1. Potomac Highlands Lost River Trading Post Lost River Trading Post has an eye for all... Read More

December 7, 2016

Getaway gifts (that won’t break the bank)

Exterior of Salt Cave and Spa, West Virginia

Give the gift of a mountain escape. Treat someone special in your life to a Mountain State retreat, full of snow sports, spa treatments, gourmet cuisine and more. Whether you share a trip to make lasting memories together, or gift a solo journey for someone on your list who needs a good vacation, here... Read More

December 5, 2016

Gifts that show off WV pride

WV pride gifts

If you’re shopping for someone who holds West Virginia near and dear to their heart, look no further. From Appalachian artists to products that represent the Mountain State, here’s your ultimate holiday shopping list: 1. Kin Ship Goods Sweatshirts Take Kin Ship Goods’ message to heart and “stay cozy” this winter in one of... Read More

December 4, 2016

The unbelievable perks of spending your holiday at the casino

Score the year’s best and biggest casino prizes and giveaways, just in time for the holidays. Extra rewards, special entertainment and drawings— WHOA-worthy wins all December long at West Virginia’s top casinos. The entertainment and fun goes beyond the games, so you can indulge in a lavish holiday without high-rolling. Get away for a... Read More

December 2, 2016

Winter train rides

Ride a vintage locomotive for the year’s most magical Christmas tradition! Starting in late November, the romantic age of steam travel whisks you to enchanted destinations around the state. Meet Santa, sip hot chocolate and experience the thrill of a Polar Express— for real. 1. The Elf Limited Jinx the elf is trying to... Read More

December 2, 2016

A storybook holiday escape in the mountains

Thousands upon thousands of tiny glistening lights unite in one of America’s largest light displays: the Winter Festival of Lights at Oglebay Resort. On any given night mid-November through December, 300 acres of rolling hills shimmer alive with jovial activity— an ethereal white swan reflects off of Schenk Lake, a volcano erupts among a... Read More

December 1, 2016

These unique historic homes only open for the holidays

Victorian photo and antiques on desk at Henderson Hall Plantation, West Virginia

West Virginia’s most historic homes are open for tours during the holidays— and for some of these vintage gems, it’s the only time you can get a peek inside! The Mountain State’s historic sites mark several important eras in US history, from pre-Revolutionary War to the coal mining boom at the turn of the... Read More

December 1, 2016

November Insta-greats

Single-lane road going through autumn woods, West Virginia

As the holiday season gets into full swing, it’s nice to see what traditions folks come together for around the Mountain State. Old-time Christmas celebrations, decorations and light displays begin popping up, as well as chilly winter landscapes with snow-capped mountains. Here are some of our favorite snapshots you shared from this November: 1. Mountain... Read More

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