Best scenic drives in WV

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia’s country roads wind all through these rugged mountains. Explore all the remote vistas and quaint towns along the countryside, or find the best trails for fall foliage, spring wildflowers, Appalachian heritage and more in our Scenic Drives guide.

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Explore some of our favorite routes (and stops along the way!):


1. Route 219

Green Bank telescope Lewisburg to Davis

From cool sips at Smooth Ambler Spirits to the rolling hills of Blackwater Falls State Park, this trail takes you through 4 counties and some of the state’s most iconic scenic views. From the lush forests to the curves and hills, this ride has something for motorcyclists, Sunday cruisers and everyone in-between.

SIDE TRIP: Take Route 250 at Huttonsville and follow the signs south to Green Bank and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s famous telescope.

Stops along the way:

2. Williams River

Williams River in autumn Route 46 through the Monongahela National Forest and Williams River Road (Forest Road 86) to Route 150.

Beginning in Pocahontas County near the headwaters of the Williams River, this 28-mile narrow paved and gravel backway is a great ride for folks who want to let the top down, or dual-sport motorcyclists. Enjoy expansive views of densely forested hills and plunging water that courses through a rocky, boulder-strewn riverbed.

Stops along the way:

3. Route 60

New River Gorge Bridge Midland Trail National Scenic Byway (Route 60) from Lewisburg to Charleston

U.S Route 60 is a bucket-list ride for every motorcycler. One of the country’s oldest routes, the Midland Trail will remind you why you ride. Breathtaking scenery, world-class recreation, deep history and Appalachian heritage highlight every curve of this historic journey through the heart of West Virginia.

SIDE TRIP: Hop on Route 19 near Hico, and head toward Fayetteville to cross the iconic New River Gorge Bridge

Stops along the way:

4. Little Kanawha Byway

Cafe_CiminoCountryInn-sjs-73 Route 14 to Route 5

This byway winds along the Little Kanawha River, traversing rustic farmlands and quaint rural towns. It’s a scenic alternative to the interstate, sweeping from central West Virginia to Parkersburg, with access along the way to fishing, hunting, hiking and scenic views of the river, forests, farmsteads and abundant wildlife. From Mineral Wells, take Route 14 to Elizabeth, then ride Route 5 to Flatwoods.

Stops along the way:

5. Historic Eastern Panhandle

Eastern Panhandle Route 340 to the loop of Routes 9, 11 & 51

Get a glimpse into the early history of our nation in Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan counties. Find spectacular scenery, geologic wonders and more.

SIDE TRIP: Continue on Route 9 through Berkeley Springs to Paw Paw, or take a quick out-and-back trek farther on Route 51.

Stops along the way:

6. Ride the High Five

Motorcycle Various routes through Pendleton, Grant, Mineral, Hampshire and Hardy counties

There are many rides along the High Five, which loops through 5 counties and past quaint country towns, breathtaking scenery and landmarks rich in Appalachian history. Capon Bridge Route 50 to 220 to 48 is one of the many great routes along the High Five.

SIDE TRIP: Continue on Route 220 to Franklin, then wind to Circleville and loop back to Petersburg on Route 28.

Stops along the way:

7. Route 250 to 119

Covered bridge in Philippi Moundsville to Buckhannon

This route takes you through quaint little towns filled with great restaurants and shops to explore. The road is filled with twists, switchback climbs and mountain valley runs that take you through 2 state parks and lots of picture-perfect overlooks.

Stops along the way:

8. Historic National Road

Wheeling Suspension Bridge Route 40

The “All-American Road” spans 16 miles across the Northern Panhandle. Get a glimpse into the area’s past from the stone bridges, beautiful Victorian architecture, museums and historic sites along the way.

Stops along the way:

9. Northwestern Turnpike

West of Grafton Northwestern Turnpike (Route 50) from Capon Bridge to Parkersburg

Start your ride in Capon Bridge and enjoy locally sourced entrées at the Farmer’s Daughter Market. As you travel Route 50 through the mountains, make sure to set aside time to enjoy the plentiful hunting (when in season) and shing. Before you leave Clarksburg, ll up on fuel for your body and bike— the next 50 miles are lled with scenic beauty unobstructed by roadside stops.

Stops along the way:

10. Highland Scenic Highway (via Route 39)

Highland Scenic Highway Route 39 & the Highland Scenic Highway (Route 150)

There are several ways to get to the scenic highway, but veterans recommend beginning at the intersection of U.S. Route 19 in Summersville and traveling east on Route 39. This winding ride travels through the Monongahela National Forest past untouched natural landscapes, along clear, rock-strewn streams and across broad, expansive mountaintop ridges. Then join the Highland Scenic Highway (Route 150), and head south at the 219 intersection.

SIDE TRIP: For an extra trip, stay on Route 39 to Minnehaha Springs.

Stops along the way:

11. Mountaineer Country

Motorcycles Route 7 to 26, 50 and 119 from Terra Alta to Morgantown

Take a ride that’s nothing but curves! Starting from Terra Alta, take Route 7 to Kingwood, then ride 26 to 50 to 119 toward Morgantown. This makes a great day trip.

SIDE TRIP: 2 rural side trips add an extra dose of gorgeous scenery: continue past Kingwood on Route 7, or take an out-and-back ride along the serene backcountry on Route 50 to Aurora.

Stops along the way:

12. Route 72

Country road Parsons to Aurora on Route 72 to the Northwestern Turnpike (Route 50)

If you’re near Route 219, this is another must-ride. Stretching from Parsons to Aurora, Route 72 has all the enjoyment you could want. On a motorcycle or in a two-seater with the top down, it will make you want to turn around and ride it again. Let your hair down and feel the breeze on the twist and turns of this mountain road shrouded by trees.

Stops along the way:

13. Devil’s Den

Tamarack Various routes through Cabell, Lincoln Boone, Logan and Wyoming counties

The Devil’s Den trail system curves through the mountains deep in the heart of coal country. One popular ride heads west to east on Route 10 from Huntington to Mullens through Cabell, Lincoln Boone, Logan, Wyoming counties to Route 16 in the Beckley area. Go deeper south for a historic trek on Route 52 from Williamson to Bramwell.

Stops along the way:

14. Route 2

Blennerhassett Island Chester to Point Pleasant

Ride along the Ohio River from the casinos in Chester to the riverboats of Point Pleasant. This scenic drive, with its switches and curves, gives you a taste of city nights, small-town charm and rolling farmlands as you ride the western border of the state

Stops along the way:

15. Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike

Lunatic Asylum in Weston Route 33 from Elkins and Route 47 to Parkersburg

Follow the turnpike from Route 33 in Elkins, then branch o on Route 47, which glides into Parkersburg. Route 33, one of the oldest roads in the state, slices across the center of it. The dramatic series of topographical changes exposes riders to mountain vistas, dense forests, small historic towns and working farms.

SIDE TRIP: For a side trip, continue on 33 instead of turning o , and ride into the quaint town of Ripley, home of the Mountain State Arts and Craft Fair.

Stops along the way: