Shalimar Farm Equestrian Retreat

For more than three decades Shalimar Farm has been home for many horses, from boarders to our own equine family. We have developed a relaxing atmosphere for horses and riders. In order to maintain the quality and level of privacy we offer, it is imperative to keep the number of visitors down. There will not be any more than eight guests at any one time, riding on the farm. Meadows and forested mountain slopes rise to more than 3300 feet in elevation. Eight rivers originate in Pocahontas County. Leatherbark Run crosses our farm, and falls 2400 feet in elevation from its headwaters on Cheat Mountain to its destination on the Greenbrier River. Leatherbark is a beautiful alpine stream with icy-cold, crystal-clear water, and legend has it that "Anyone dipping their feet or watering their horse in Leatherbark won't want to leave Pocahontas County."